||Name Sebastian Smythe||Age Seventeen||Status Open Male|| FC Grant Gustin||

The party at the Sugar Shack was a grand affair and everyone there had a glorious time, their love shone and their day brightened… but now the start of the post-Valentines blues has begun, some are wondering if the one they love isn’t the one they’re in love with, others wondering if maybe they took too big a step too soon and others are seeing a new start with an old friend as a possibility. No one knows how to handle the post-Valentines blues, but maybe the best way is with a clean slate.

Set after Heart, everything that has been in canon up too that point is canon in this roleplay. Finchel are engaged, Brittana are open and together as are Klaine, Samcedes aren’t together yet and Sugarory are a new item.

Rules||Ask Us Things||Auditions||Character List

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